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Gloria's First Camping Trip

Gloria has been begging us to take her camping (under the conditions there would be roasted sausages, hot chocolate with marshmellows, tent snuggles and swimming). If you're a parent, then you're not surprised to hear everything was not all our daughter hoped and dreamed and expected it to be. We arrived at 4pm and to Gloria's surprise, the tent was not already up, the sausages were not ready to be eaten and the hot chocolate required hot water heated by a non-existent camp fire (we had only been on the site 30 minutes when all was lost in the dizzying world of a 4 year old). By the end of the night, sweet Bungee was her only comfort (her favorite stuffed rabbit). For Dave and I, we mostly laugh as this night changed Gloria's sleeping habits forever (the bear eye mask, grapefruit blanket, click on lantern, elaborate performance of Bungee to make her giggle, and 30 mins of reading). It was a tough trip but I'm so thankful for all these moments we get to spend together now under one roof and finally, with family that lives close by.

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