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Silas Clay

My baby boy, Silas Clay was born June 25, 2022 5 weeks early!

It was supposed to be a very normal Saturday morning involving me getting some much needed time laying down (because of my crazy back pain from the pregnancy) watching the latest season of Stranger Things while Dave took Gloria to the store. I stood up to get some water when my water very suddenly broke. I panicked and called Dave to come home - it was chaos. We had not packed for the hospital, we had no one immediately lined up to help with Gloria, none of my family was expecting to be in town (because I wasn't due for another 5 weeks) and my water was going everywhere I walked, so anything I did made a mess.

After rushing to the hospital, laboring for a bit and then finally getting induced, Silas was born around 10pm! The following morning he was taken into the NICU for low glucose levels and put on an IV (as well as under a light for jaundice). The toughest part wasn't necessarily that he was in the NICU, but just the unknowns wrapped up in him being kept there. We were discharged from the hospital and had to go home without him. Gloria was confused about where he was and why she couldn't see him yet 😭. This was so tough but I am beyond grateful for how encouraging and supportive our community here as well as the staff at Baylor Scott and White were. Truly, we would not have made it without all of those people rallying together for us.

After 4 days of pumping at home and driving back and forth to downtown Dallas, Silas came home!

Highlights include:

  • Gloria finally telling us she loves him

  • Gloria saying "Oh, I do like his name!" (she had insisted on him being named Ratcliff Santa Pizza Winniford)

  • This convo with Gloria: Gloria:"I don't know what language Silas will speak." Me: "It'll be English." Gloria: "English?? Like us!?" Me: "Yes." Gloria: "Oh. I guess he'll pronounce it the same as us."

  • Silas smiling for the first time!!

  • Gloria receiving her present from Silas (a pink fuji instax camera)

  • Celebrating the birth of multiple other babies Silas was supposed to be born after

  • Praying a lot with Dave

  • Watching Gloria read to Silas and sing to him when he cries

  • Dave going out of his way to serve us and make sure I have everything I need to be a functional human being

  • Celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary at José in Dallas (amazing btw)

  • Listening to the Bible Project's podcast on the Genesis and Exodus scroll

  • Eating more ice cream and watermelon than we should

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