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About Me

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Whether it's the story of your brand, city, soul or company, your journey is calling to be narrated. I approach all my subjects with a desire to intimately capture you, your world or your passion in a way that engages and impacts your audience and the people in your life. 

Let's tell a story together. 


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I'm an artist at heart. 

Some of my earliest childhood memories are going to my great aunt's house in New Orleans to learn painting and drawing. Junior high is where I discovered photography and me were a good pair. I continued studying fine art alongside photography because I have always seen them as an interconnected pair. When I photograph your story, I do it thoughtfully and with attention to all the details. 


Your story is important. 

I want to capture your story with honesty, vulnerability and intimacy. We will chat about where to take your photos that best captures the soul of your story or the heart behind your work. I want to tell your visual story in the most authentic and real way, giving you the gift of an heirloom treasure of images that impact and engage your audience. 

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